The Dreaming Web

The Dreaming Web is an electronic encyclopaedia on the history and nature of the Dreaming (from White Wolf's Changeling: the Dreaming game). It develops the Dreaming in ways that both extend and contradict White Wolf's material on the subject, and cannot be considered wholly compatible with official publications.

This project is currently under development. A number of drafts and notes are available; use the index of entries to get started. Feedback is most welcome.


The changeling universe presented in the Dreaming Web developed out of the small dreams chronicle. It began with an exploration into exactly what the character Slim knew about oaths. This lead alarmingly quickly into discovering reasons behind first the Shattering and then the Sundering. From there Jamie, Svend and Morgan came up with more and more pre-Shattering history, focusing particularly on stories showing the nature of each Kith. The nature of glamour proved to be significant, and ideas around that have varied a great deal over the course of development.

While this universe developed from material for the small dreams game, very little of it has shown up in play, and in fact there are a number of contradictions between it and what is known about the world in the game.

Dreaming Web Index

Here's a list of the current entries in the Dreaming Web. If you're new to the site, I recommend reading the Overview first. Note though that these entries are very much drafts, often nothing more than notes. It's also possible that URLs of individual entries will change.

Note that the entries do have links to other entries; almost every reference to a person, place, thing or event is linked. The first link to each entry is styled like this, while subsequent links are visually styled as normal text.