Dragons are one of the major groups of beings in the Dreaming, having an importance similar to that of the Trolls and the Sidhe. Like those two groups, Dragons support or represent an aspect of the Dreaming.

The relationship between Dragons, Trolls and the Sidhe is a complex one. Where the Sidhe are the stars that light the Dreaming, Dragons are the shadows cast on the edges of the Dreaming by the Trolls. Sidhe and Dragons are fatally attracted to each other; Dán brings these opposite together and ensures that each such meeting is significant.

Dragons do not necessarily have the form of dragons as normally envisaged. Phoenix and Sphinx, for example, have the forms familiar from earth mythologies.

At the time of the Sundering Sidabras was the last true Dragon alive; after he was killed by Lord Aelil, the only Dragons which remained were his dreams.

The known dragons were: