Gate of Ivory

The Gate of Ivory is one of the two gates which stand in the centre of Arcadia. It is through this gate that the souls of Commoners are incarnated.

In the beginning was the Dreaming, and the Fae. The Fae were part of the Dreaming, and tended the Dreaming, and nothing changed for an endless time, insofar as time has meaning in the Dreaming. But one day the Fae who would be Nocker grew discontented, and wished for something novel, something never before seen. So with a sharp blow they knocked one of their teeth out, spat their bloody saliva on the ground, and planted their tooth. And in the same way they had torn their tooth from its socket, the Gate of Ivory was torn into the Dreaming.

Now the Fae who had been content with the way things had been, who was now Troll, came up and started to remonstrate the Fae who was now Nocker.

But before Troll could finish his breath, out Redcap popped. Both Nocker and Troll were very surprised; Troll, the first to recover, turned on Nocker and accused of them of being reckless and thoughtless. But Redcap grabbed Troll, and in two snaps had eaten him entire.

This pleased Nocker greatly, and he felt assured that he had created something greater than anything that had gone before. But devouring Troll had wakened Redcap's hunger, and they began to devour the rest of the Dreaming. "Stop that!" said Nocker, "I am your Creator, and you must do what I say!" But Redcap was implacable, and ate Nocker as well.

Unchecked, Redcap devoured the Dreaming; but though the Dreaming was endless, so was his hunger. And eventually, all that remained was Redcap and the Gate of Ivory. And so, Redcap attempted to eat the Gate; but oh, the Gate was sharp as scissors, and pierced Redcap's side, and being so full, Redcap burst; and the Dreaming settled into place around the Gate. And through the Gate trotted the somewhat irate Troll, the confused and annoyed Nocker, and the somewhat startled Redcap.

And that is the story of the first Gate, and the first three Kith.