House Liam

The Sidhe of House Liam share the fate of their Lord, who was killed by a Dragon and had his nature changed. Having renounced his rulership over all but his self, Lord Liam disbanded his House. The members of the House scattered throughout the Dreaming, and were no longer considered Sidhe by the other houses.

With the change in their nature came a change in their cycle of death and reincarnation. Having the nature of both Sidhe and Dragons, their souls are not taken by the Sluagh. Rather, their relationship with the Dreaming is so innate, so free, and yet tinged with rulership, that Dreamstuff naturally binds with their souls without intervention.

After the Sundering, these Sidhe would protect themselves from the petrifying effects of Ironfell by associating with a mortal. This was neither the Changeling Way of the commoners, nor the forced imposition of the other Sidhe in later years. It was, in keeping with their nature, a voluntary union, with the fae and mortal souls working together, yet separate. The protection afforded House Liam by this practice comes primarily from the dreamstuff the mortal creates, for the presence of a member of House Liam greatly increases the potency of the Gift of Liam. Due to this effect, there are typically three forms associated with a House Liam Sidhe in Ironfell: their own fluid form, their mortal's petrified form, and their mortal's fluid form (for they generate sufficient dreamstuff that their own nature is partially reflected in it).