Lord Leanhaun Chastises Lady Fiona

Lady Fiona, in the time after her arrival in Arcadia, wandered into the wilds of the Dreaming. In the course of her travels she came upon a most beautiful land, where rivers meandered through broad plains, trees grew in scattered woodlands, and the blue of the sky as bright as the green of the grass.

Lady Fiona instantly loved this land, called Cradle Rocks, and she walked over its every acre. She bathed in its lakes, climbed the hills to see the view, walked beneath leafy canopies and ran joyfully across open fields.

In the centre of the land, in a valley between the tallest hills, stood a great town, where lived the king.

[Lady Fiona hooks up with the king, and together they rule the land. The people of the land, as well as everything else, change under her new influence. The result is a strange nobility to these otherwise ugly and barbarous (but not savage :) people. Then there are stories of attacks on the borders, and then quickly an army sweeps over the land, an army of Sidhe, all of House Leanhaun, led by Lord Leanhaun himself, who has come to wipe out those who make a mockery of the Sidhe. He is met by Lady Fiona who takes offence at his messing with her land (her playground). Lord Leanhaun makes no apology, and chastises Lady Fiona for failing to live up to the rules she herself holds up to others as proper conduct. Lady Fiona is livid, and swears revenge on Lord Leanhaun. He laughs and wanders off. She then kills any of the remaining people alive, including the king, and refashions the land in a twisted, hateful image.]