Lord Leanhaun hunts the Neverway Worm

[Lord Leanhaun hunts down the Neverway Worm, following it wherever it goes. He follows it over great plains and the high Splinter Mountains, and he comes to the furthest coast of the Island of the Midnight Sun, where he stood on the Silent Rock, looking out over the Endless Sea. He stood there a long while before stepping out into the ocean (it was at this moment that the Sidhe host gathered, and Lord Leanhaun chose not to come). And he had such command of the Dreaming that the ocean did not let him sink into its depths, nor even allow the soles of his feet to get wet as he strode out in pursuit of his foe. He did not stop walking until he came to the horizon, when Neverway lept forth from the waves and into the sky.

[The dragon plucks Lord Leanhaun up and carries him high into the sky. It asks him why he has followed her all this way. What is his answer? Then she drops him, but he lands on a cloud and the battle commences. He wins, of course, but the drops of blood from Neverway that fall in the Endless Sea, at the horizon, create the Midnight Realms.