The following is an overview of the history detailed in the Dreaming Web. Note that until the Sundering there is no strict time in the Dreaming. Events are presented here in the most sensible order, but are not constrained by that order.

In the beginning, there was only the Dreaming. Those who were to become Trolls were the only fae. The only light was from the stars, which were the Sidhe shining through from that place which is behind the Dreaming. Dragons were there, the shadows cast on the walls of the Dreaming by the Trolls-to-be.

The first change was the advent of Nocker. The Trolls-to-be were the embodiment of the Dreaming, but one of them decided to create something with its own Dán: the Gate of Ivory. At this moment there was Nocker, who creates things with their own fate, and Troll, who tried to stop him.