Sidabras, the Last Silver Dragon

Sidabras was one of the greatest Dragons, and was also the last true member of his kind. His eyes were crystal and he with them he could see throughout the Dreaming, and no Glamour could deceive him.

Born of the Moon in the Hill, he planted the Weeping Tree to mark the coming Sundering, and his death at the hand of Lord Aelil occasioned the Shattering. From that time on the only Dragons in existence were his dreams.

Two of his bones remained after Lord Aelil used his remains to work magic: his jawbone and a claw.

In addition to being the last true Dragon, Sidabras was the first. His skeleton was found by Nocker, who took away with him two horns, from which he made the Gate of Horn. When the House Founders came through the gate, Sidabras woke up from death and the Dragons were born. Finally, it was a splinter from the gate that was crafted into the sword Slahan which was used to kill him.